Vehicle Storage at Berthoud

One of our more popular options is vehicle storage, whether it be a large RV, a boat, a trailer, or something smaller, we have space for you. With smaller vehicles, like ATVs or Motorcycles, you can potentially just keep them in your existing unit with your other belongings as if it were your own garage. For larger vehicles, if they cannot fit in any of our units, we offer large outdoor parking spaces for things like RVs which may just be sitting outside in your driveway. This is a situation all too common for owners of recreational vehicles, and we are happy to assist you with it.

Boat Parking & RV Parking

Our units are warehouse style, and often large enough to not only fit your other belongings but also a car alongside them. Imagine your storage unit as an extra garage. With daily access from 6 AM to 9 PM, you can drop by to pick something up any time you need it. If you realize the weather will be nice tomorrow and wish to collect your bike tonight, why wait until we open our office? That is the kind of freedom and convenience we offer our clients.

Storage for ATV, Trailer & More

If you find your unit is too large for all your belongings, why not use it to store both your furniture and your bike? Your ATVs? A personal watercraft, or boat? It is your unit, so store things with us the way you might in your own garage, or utility shed. Tools, trailers, spare cars, including those that might not be in shape to drive, can all be kept right here in our units, assuming you can safely park them. If you find you need a larger unit, you need only speak to one of our associates about upgrading to a larger space. Find out how liberating it can be to have a storage unit of your own today.